Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Joy Beyond Winged Tiles

Yellow Bird & Blue Bird Swedish Tile Hook from Urban Outfitters...

Gorgoeus bird motif imprinted on a stylish tile makes for a soaring addition to any space.
Oh how I love my feathered friends!

*Received confirmation from Tracey Friedman at Urban Outfitters that the Vancouver store will be opening by March 14th on Granville Street, near Robson Square! Yippee!! Now I have no reservations posting about their cool stuff... soon all will be available north of the 49th parallel!

A Moment with Nature

Reconciliation, Ravens
An acrylic painting on canvas by Saltspring Island artist Robert Bateman
These majestic black birds, with gorgeous iridescent feathers, are a common sight here on the West Coast. Regarded by many cultures as a spiritually powerful character, the raven is truly a remarkable creature.
Ravens are considered the smartest of all the birds, and display some of the most amazing aerial acrobatics in the bird kingdom. Their vocalizations are complex and mesmerizing, and exceeded only by human speech.
They are the jet black beauties of our sky...

Cute and Cosie

Spring-o-licious Quilt Tea Cosie by Bookhou Designs, located in Toronto.
Handmade by Arouna... recycled hand-printed images on lush raspberry et leaf motif linen, with a scrumptious citrus slice appliqué. Miam, Miam!

Simply Oh Là Là

Some enchanting lamps and table pieces from la lovely The Cross Decor and Design in Vancouver...

(left) Casablanca Lamp with glass base
(right) Paulette Table Lamp in aqua blue glass

Vintage inspired French Oval Marble Top Table

Moroccan Inlay Side Table

Pico Coffee Table with white shell top and silver iron base

Twig Side Table in nickel and black granite

Vintage Nightstand in sage green with gold gilt trim

The Months of Nanna

I adore the patches of bright patterns and itsy-bitsy bird detailing on the Spring/Summer 2007 Nanna collection, designed by Jody Phillips in Vancouver...
The months ahead promise to be full of style and charm!
Available at Paradise Boutique in Victoria

Spring est Brilliante et Belle

Dazzling images du Spring taken by Janis Nicolay, a very talented Canadian photographer

1079 to go...

English Bay by Vancouver artist Suzy Thomas of Cluster Art... a screen printed image of Inukshuk, the Ilanaaq logo of the 2010 Winter Olympics meaning hope and friendship

Exactly three years from now, Whistler Mountain and the city of Vancouver will be bustling with Olympic activity as we reach the finale of the 2010 games
The countdown is on... only 1079 days to go!

(Whister image and Countdown Clock from Vancouver 2010)

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cherry Jubilant

Blossoms in a bunch... a seasonal inspiration from Real Simple

Pink and Blue

"Break open a cherry tree and there are no flowers,
but the spring breeze brings forth myriad blossoms"
~ Ikkyu Sojun

Cherry blossoms in full bloom against a powder blue sky... an enduring metaphor for the ephemeral nature of life

View Street in the Garden City...
Spring arrives early here on southern Vancouver Island... Victoria's annual Flower Count has started and runs until March 3rd, 2007. This event marks the end of winter and the start of an early spring! Submit your blossom count... it's at 989,830,769 and continues to flourish and grow! The record is an amazing 8.5 billion blooms...

A Crunch of Flora & Fauna

The Umbra cutesy Spring-rich Crunch Can in cotton canvas designed by Paul Rowan and Sandra Ciganic-McKinney. Perfect for laundry or hauling around for the most frivolous and unexpected...
Available at Designhouse in Victoria

A Flush of Felt

Nature inspired and some man-made desires... a flock of brilliant colours are found in Wrist Bands and Felt Key-Rings from Mooncruise Gallery in Gastown

Driftwood Shines

A sculptural driftwood table base acts as an intriguing piece of art, from Pappos Miron

A driftwood ceiling light adds a natural dramatic element to a sleeping space, from Pappas Miron
On a recent afternoon stroll at Willows Beach, I noticed heaps and heaps of sea-weathered driftwood washed up on the shore. What beauty, what graceful lines... an exquisite design created by Mother Nature. Here are some entrancing light fixtures made from these beach branches at Trianon Interior Design in Toronto...

A driftwood chandelier highlights an elegantly neutral space, from House Beautiful: It's All in the Details

Hanging Driftwood Fixture

Driftwood Floor Lamp

Adahy Table lamp

Neptuka Table Lamp

Driftwood Long Table Lamp

Great Wings come from the Feather

Feather, India ink on scratchboard by Aviva E. Weinberg

Black and white feather motif on a trifold screen... a reflection of the surrounding world. Simple, organic, and sensationally beautiful
From Domino

(left) Feather painting by
Alberto Proietta
(right) Feather by Susan Hickman

Vintage Style 101

An impressive antique botany teaching aid hangs above a vintage 1930s iron bed...
From Modern Country

Monday, February 26, 2007

An Uncertain Future, designs by Amrita

The historic Hudson's Bay Building of Victoria
Restoration of the landmark four-storey Georgian Revival building was recently approved (postcard image from Victoria's Victoria via UVic)

Endangered Structures pillows created by Canadian designer Amrita Takhar and Andrea Chin.
The designs represent a sampling of the many endangered iconic buildings of Canada:
The Bata Shoe Headquarters in Toronto, the Lighthouses of the East and West Coast, Grain Elevators of the Prairies (and BC's Interior such as downtown Creston), and the Igloos of our North
Once prominent landmarks, these famous heritage sites are all threatened due to deconstruction, neglect, lack of heritage status and conservation, and climate change.
The patterns below are on the reverse side of each pillow...

Amrita's stylish way to draw attention to the need for preservation of the past...

Light in thee Crocus vernus

Empurpled crocuses in front of my home... the very first sign of Spring
How these flowers of late winter occupy places in our hearts well out of proportion to their size!

Not sure if many of you took the opportunity to watch the Oscars last night... I admit I watched it in bits and pieces in between loads of seemingly endless Sunday laundry.
Fortunately, I happened to catch the brilliant acceptance speech of Forest Whitaker for Best Actor... his words were some of the most profound and heart touching I've heard for an acceptance speech ever.
Here is a slice of his wonderfully moving "Thank You"...

"It is possible for a kid from east Texas, raised in South Central L.A. in Carson, who believes in his dreams, commits himself to them with his heart, to touch them, and to have them happen.
Because when I first started acting, it was because of my desire to connect to everyone. To that thing inside each of us. That *light* that I believe exists in all of us. Because acting for me is about believing in that connection and it's a connection so strong, it's a connection so deep, that we feel it. And through our combined belief, we can create a new reality...

Bravo! And Amen to that!

Musical Ride Pride

A stunning Brass Bracelet du Royal Canadian Mounted Police by Buttercup Days at Fresh Collective. Toronto designer Clare Raman uses old and new materials to create her cute Canadiana designs...
Oh, a charming symbol of thee True North Strong and Free...

Me as a little girl all proud to be atop Rascal with "Musical Ride" Mountie Dad

Teak oh so Unique

Support Pour Messages, wall mounted message holder

Innovative wood creations designed by Ari Bayuaji of Osik Designs in Montréal. Ari uses recycled teak which he has collected from across Indonesia...

"Old Teak has a markedly different quality than Teak harvested today. The old wood is denser, richer in colour, and less prone to deformation. Moreover, it is gratifying to not be contributing to the logging of teak forests in Indonesia, considering this practice is becoming more and more dangerous to the environment..."
Eco-stylish and looks stunning!

Etagère Accrochante, hanging shelf

Miss Coquette & Marigold Yellow

Some bright, bold and beautiful Spring 2007 designs for Leanne Dunic's Miss Coquette in Vancouver...
The store had a tremendously successful warehouse sale this past weekend in Point Grey in preparation for their mid-March opening of Tenth & Proper, Leanne's new boutique "bringing beautifully crafted casualwear to men and women of discerning taste..."
Oh, Spring is blooming such goodness...

(Marigolds from SmugMug)