Monday, November 27, 2006

ElleDecor Inspiration

Tis another one of my many ElleDecor inspiring rooms. This is the kitchen of designer Muriel Brandolini who is well known for her trademark sense of style. I simply adore this room, which is whimsy, modern, and intimate all in one space. I fancy the unique 1940s marble table by Jean Dunand. But, my favorite detail is the Zettel’z 5 light fixture by Ingo Maurer. This chandelier is an interactive lighting fixture. Various love letters in many languages constitute the basic form of the structure. The principle of the design is that it should invite one participate in it's uniqueness. The letters are individually attached to thin wires by clips, and several blank pages are supplied to let you create your own letters. What a marvel of a design! Found at Unicahome.

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