Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Oh Louis, Louis!

Je suis dans l'amour... again!
Oh thy Commode de Style Louis XV... a stunning console re-created by NordSud Home by En Provence Inc in Toronto. The graceful, luxurious curves of the Louis XV style is truly a timeless 19th century design. I so fancy...

Timeless Magical Treasures

Botany is it! It is all about reconnecting to our natural surroundings... oh, so important this day and age.

These gorgeous paperweights from Tarax Infinity in Concord, Ontario are stunning symbols of Mother Nature. Artist Thoms Clarke invented and now creates these one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Interestingly, the name Tarax Infinity is perfectly symbolic of Nature paperweights... it is derived from the words taraxacum officinale, the dandelion genus and Clarke's signature product.

Amazing how a perfect creation from nature, so incredibly fragile, can be captured and imbedded in such exquisite form.
Dandelion Too! paperweight...
Wisps of the dandelion seed caught as they separate from the puff, as if on the wind... make a wish!

Handcrafted Charm

Add finesse, flavour, and flair to your bedroom with these DIY headboard ideas from BHG...

Create this dramatic headboard by stacking three hollow-core doors, painted in matte black paint, horizontally on the wall. The chandelier in black adds a charming touch, as well as the punchy accents of red throughout the space
A grouping of black-and-white photos makes a chic and cherished headboard. Use coloured art paper in the frame to add interest to the wall
Place a bookcase or painted shelves on the wall over the bed to create a unique and functional headboard. Adds display space and the additional flanked pair of columns adds architectural interest
Striking but simple square wall art as headboard. Plywood squares upholstered in stapled batting and linen fill a tall space in contemporary style

Sassy Holder

I think this wine rack is hilariously original... Wino Bottle Holder created by Mike Gibb, available at his Paboom Inc gallery at Eau Claire Market in Calgary, Alberta.

Our Beloved Seals

"Recognize the beauty... feel drawn to the energy and spirit of the creature itself. Feel the same sense of oneness with nature that the artist feels as he works"

Life size Five Swimming Seals stone carving by local artist Craig Benson, on exhibit at Wickaninnish Inn in beautiful Tofino. Craig lives on Piers Island, a small community in the Gulf Islands north of Victoria (where there are no cars, and only a 130 homes!).
Craig carves all varieties of Northwest coastal creatures, but I most adore his seal carvings which are done in a variety of stone types (soapstone, alabaster, perypholite). They are adorable, captivating and are true symbols of island life...

Playful and full of curiosity, the puppy dog-cute seals pop up all over our coastline... much to my delight!

White Mother and Pup

"Craig is passionate about life on earth, its mystery, magic, beauty and diversity. His work celebrates and honours the creatures with which we share this planet..."

Grey Seal Pair

Passenger Pigeon

Double-Breasted Hoody: 55% Hemp, 45% Cotton Fleece Hand-dyed

Passenger Pigeon has deep ties to the earth. The clothing company's name evokes the symbolism of the extinct passenger pigeon, and how our own carelessness and blatant disregard for nature caused this sad calamity. Hence, this Canadian company has adopted a soft footprint approach to garment design. Passenger Pigeon uses only environmentally friendly textiles... organic cotton and hemp, harvested and manufactured without using pesticides and or sweatshop labour, are the bulk of fabrics used in the garments. And all the clothing are designed, sewn, dyed, and screenprinted in Toronto. Be proud, Canada!
Some beautiful pieces from the winter collection (it is still winter ain't it?!)...

Jersey Wrap Dress: 40% Bamboo 60% Cotton - Screen-printed tree stump repeating print
Bias Skirt: 80% Hemp, 20% Silk Jacquard Hand-dyed

Happy Revisited

I love to revisit Curbly discussions of days past... the refreshing sight of an ole amazing image or article is so uplifting!
Here is one fantasticly cheerful space by member Veeeee that won the Happy Place IKEA contest back in December 2006.

"My retro happy place... Surrounded by my thriftstore treasures, happy pops of color, cozy pillows and best of all my family this really is a place that makes me happy..."

Sage Creek au Naturel

Baby Blanket Swaddling Hooded in Heirloom White with green trim
Naturally and gently whitened, this treasured hooded blanket is made with the signature buttery soft organic cotton interlock

Oh, such lovely baby creations from the wonderful Sage Creek in Victoria. Soft, pure, natural, and organic cotton items for your wee little loved one. So adorable, I can't help but feel maternal...

Infant Hat in Bear
Adorable, soft organic cotton hat to protect your newborn's delicate itty bitty head

Baby Playsuit in Ladybug
Baby's tender tootsies are kept warm in this soft and durable organic cotton cozy-footed playsuit. Natural, buttery soft organic interlock with all over ladybug print

Kimono Set in Sage Green
Made with super soft organic cotton terry and natural color with side ties, this kimono set is guaranteed to stir up some ooohs and aaahs

BabyBody in Zen
This super cute onesie is part of their new baby zen collection. Gorgeous mandarin color with "one" print on chest...

Where City and Country Meet

A countryside draped in morning mist, and magnificent snow-capped Mount Baker towering in the distance... Beautiful images of Langley taken by local award-winning photographer John Gordon in his 64-page pictorial view of Langley, B.C.: Familiar Places, Familiar Scenes.

Lovely Design

Pinecone Poster made from hand-screened coasterboard

Vancouver based Sharilyn Wright, creator of lovelydesign, hand makes all of her charming and inspiring paper products. I have been a devoted follower of her Canadian designs for a long time. All the paper used is recycled from old books, maps, wallpaper samples, highschool drafting classes, business forms et cetera... and then turned into gorgeous and unique eco-style paper designs. Très lovely indeed!

Mixed Paper Sampler
Take Me Too Books, made from vintage maps
Chilly Nights handscreened greeting cards
I Miss You Mail-Set, made from vintage maps and recycled paper

Veronica Chocolat

Oh la la... Chocolate Verde Mix Veronica Sofa from Chintz & Company in Victoria. Je suis dans l'amour...

Carved Art de la Bedroom

Pottery Barn inspirations... carved art extraordinaire for the sacred space.

Carved Textile Hanger for beautifully draped fabric
Turkish inspired Hand-Carved Wall Tile for a dramatic wall piece

Sweet Paisley

I instantly fell in love with the ornate paisley design of this Urbana Table Lamp from Doug Wilson (yes, the Trading Spaces dude) Illuminations collection at Home Depot Canada...

A Charming Pot of Tea

Bunny Teapot

"Playfulness, joy and the beauty of life.
This is the energy that has been the focus of my foray into the land of teapots and other functional objects. The subtleties of lip and foot,the curve of a bowl, the fit of a handle.
Sweet, quiet and thought-provoking"

Beginning with pure white porcelain, Canadian artist Christine Dell creates gorgeous handmade pieces of art. Stunning and functional, her collection of teapots make a spot of tea all the more delightful...

Red Cherrios Teapot

Chambre et Colorer

Bright, bold, and beautiful bedroom from Marie Claire Maison...

Delightful Tea Tins

I love to sip a warm cup of tea on a cold winter's day... tis absolute bliss! Nowadays, many tea selections come in marvellous metal tins that are full of character and charm. Vintage and new tins are often decorated with old-fashioned style lettering and prints, making them much too delightful to toss away. Clean out these tins, and re-use them as enchanting flower vases or as containers to hold pencils and pens (image from Martha). Charm recycled!

OM Sweet Home

New Market Pillows
Mullen Street Pillows
C.C.F.C. (Calcutta Cricket and Football club) Bolsters

Gorgeous and luxe pillows from the online site of the famous OM (sweet home) based in Montréal, located on Etsy as well as at various stores in the Montréal area. Can you tell I am on a serious pillow kick? Tis the season to be surrounded in lush comfort...

Dwell's Periodical Inspiration

Wonderfully whimsical ways to showcase your fav mag collection from the ever-delightful Dwell (be sure to check out the latest detour article on Vancouver a la paradise!)

From left to right: Usame table by Patricia Urquoila for Kartell, Wallpaper magazine rack by Maria Berntsen for Rosendhal, Sprung magazine rack by Michael Sodeau for Livit, W magazine stand by Eric Pfeiffer for Offi, Portariviste four-pocket magazine rack by Giotto Stoppino for Kartell.

Breathing Space

"Bears keep me humble. They help me to keep the world in perspective
and to understand where I fit on the spectrum of life.
We need to preserve the wilderness and its monarchs for ourselves,
and for the dreams of children. We should fight for these things
as if our life depended upon it,
because it does."
~ Canadian science writer/photographer Wayne Lynch
("Bears: Monarchs of the Northern Wilderness", 1993)

A humorous image of the revered grizzly bear taken by renowned Canadian photographer Rory D. Peters for Lightscape Photography....

A Bird Sings Because it has a Song

"If I keep a green bough in my heart, the singing bird will come”
~ Chinese Proverb

Oh, the Spring of Love and Youth!
Beautiful and joyful bird-inspired handmade items from the ever-lovely GadgetGirl in Edmonton...

Swoop Pendant in Retro Candy

Chickadee Felt Keychain

Green Botanical Bird Zipper Clutch

Escape Tote

King Sweet Tweet Notepad

Chopsticks 101: Silly or Sassy?

Fun, funky, and functional Chopstick Kids from Teatro Verde in Toronto.
The chopstick boy, in red, and girl, in pink, are designed to fit on the top of your standard set of chopsticks. Adds some jazz to the otherwise plain wooden sticks, and helps with the complex art of chopstick mastery.
Silly or sassy...?