Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree

The Charlie Brown Pathetic Christmas Tree at UrbanOutfitters.

"Good Grief" as Charlie Brown would say, it isn't THAT pathetic....

There is a very valuable and meaningful story about this tree that deserves to be told.
Listen up...

***Charlie Brown is in a down-hearted state and is in charge of getting a Christmas tree for the school play about the nativity. Instead of buying a "big, shiny, aluminum" artificial tree as he was instructed to do, he chooses a pitiful, sad-looking twig-like tree. This makes him the target of much laughter and mockery from Lucy and the rest of the gang. He cries out in sad despair, wondering what Christmas is all about. Linus tries to explain to him about the meaning behind the season. In a huff, Charlie Brown takes a decoration from Snoopy's prize winning doghouse, and puts a single ornament on his tree. But the weight of the bauble causes the tree to promptly collapse over. He flees in anguish and humiliation. But the other kids had heard Linus's rendition of the Christmas story, and they begin to realise they've been too hard on Charlie Brown. So, they fix up his tree into a brilliant Christmas display using the rest of Snoopy's decorations. Charlie Brown returns to find the whole gang gathered around his tree. In a rare moment of happiness, he joins the gang in singing "Hark the Herald Angel's Sing"***
The end.

Now, are you touched? Because I sure am...

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