Thursday, November 30, 2006

Silly or Sassy?

Free Holy Bean Bag from Crumpler. Get a drink, and plop down... on one. Squishy seating... silly or sassy?

Grow a Rudolph from UrbanOutfitters. Simply put Rudolph in some water, and in about 3 days he will have grown 600% his size! Holy Reindeer! Take him out, and he will shrink back down to original form. Silly, sassy, stupid or smart? Hmmm....The Potty Glow toilet seat from, at Zydeco in Victoria. Yes, it actually glows in the dark! "When you gotta go... it's gotta glow!" No need to turn on that bathroom light. In the very least, it could be great for energy conservation. What do you think... ?

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