Saturday, November 25, 2006

Let There Be Light

Ikea GLÄNSA Electric decoration for $14.99. Great looking and really inexpensive!

Okee Dokee... so tis the season, huh. Tis dark out, rainy, and the wind is howling like a lost wolf. Time to incorporate some light into my life. Where do I begin? Hmmmm. Look up.. wayyyy up (to mimick ye ole Friendly Giant.. bless his heart). Me lights!! That's the ticket!

Ok, so I noticed this chandelier look-alike (above right) on Apartment Therapy:SF created by Martina. She got three strings of twinkle minilights and strung the them around her rental generic dining room fixture. Looks kinda cool I have to say. I also noticed Debbie Travis (dear dear "I can do anything" Deb) created a similar, more organic design (top pic in room). Flexible branches are picked and trimmed then brushed with Plaster of Paris. Once dry, they are wired together to form a crown shape. White-wired minilights are then entwined in the branches. Voila! Insta-fabulous chandelier!!
Both fixtures look super duper cool, not to mention very festive indeed (more if I used colored lights.. eh!?). Has anyone tried this? Let me know before I stand on a chair and risk breaking my neck. Merci buckets! Otherwise, a quick jaunt to Ikea it is...

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