Saturday, November 25, 2006

Some Holiday Ideas

Make these supereasy decorations to hang on your tree, or dangle from your windows. I made them last year, and again this year to add some starry splendour to my apartment.
To make one, start by folding a square or rectangle of paper into accordion pleats (the number of pleats determines the number of points on the ornament). Use plain ole white paper, or try with junk mail, or anything with color. Fold the accordion of paper in half to find the center; unfold, and staple once at the center. Make a deep diagonal or slightly curved cut into each end of the folded paper (about halfway to the center); the sharp corners will form the points of the star. Fan the sides out so that they meet, and attach them on the back with small pieces of tape. Hang everywhere!

Hang ornaments and those Christmas cards you will soon be receiving every day in the mail on an arrangement of graceful branches. Use pretty ribbon, or floral wire to tie the cards to branches. Branches containing berries will need water so use a vase within a container. Use stones to anchor branches in place. Voila... your own festive tree!

Illuminate your space for the festive occasion with lots and lots of light. Candles add a gorgeous ambience to any setting. Use everyday jars to hold candles. Be creative.. anchor candles with pinecones, sand, or glass marbles. That simple.

No classy tray to hold your drinks, or other things such as cutlery and napkins?
No worries, mate! Use a plain ole Picture Frame. Place a double of your favorite photo under the glass (so as not to ruin the original in case of condensation). Decorate with swigs of foliage or glittered ornaments. Go ahead and serve your signature Cosmopolitan cocktails in class...

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