Saturday, January 20, 2007

Our Neighbourhood Buddy, Corey

Handcarved Red Cedar Shaman's Forehead Maskette at Latimer Gallery in Vancouver

Beautiful First Nations art by renowned West Coast artist Corey Bulpitt...
Corey belongs to the Haida First Nations Territory and is part of the Yahgulanaas Raven clan, one of two distinct matrilineal moieties of the Haida, the other being the Eagle clan. Corey lived across the street from my family while growing up in Langley, and was one of my brother's best buds. I fondly remember him as a talented artist even at a young age...

Corey is an ancestor of and related to many great Haida artists and carvers including his great great grandfathers Louis Collison and Charles Edenshaw. Both his parents are exceptional artists... his mother a talented weaver, and his father a carver of gold and silver. In 1996, Corey graduated from the Langley Fine Art School. He then apprenticed with his uncle Christian White of Haida Gwaii and also worked for his uncle, master carver Jim Hart, at the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia.

"Native cultures honour the eagle and are inspired by its vision
and ability to soar to the heavens."

Eagle and Clan serigraph at Coast Peoples Fine Arts Gallery in Vancouver
Crab pendant from Pacific Northwest Jewelery
Handcarved Talking Sticks at Douglas Reynolds Gallery in Vancouver

Corey specializes in argillite sculptures, masks, printmaking, jewelry, painting, totem poles and various other mediums. For inspiration, he looks more into the past than the present and honours his heritage by favouring the traditional Haida forms. Corey is such a celebrated artist, his Native designs are recognized all over the world.

Whale Plate at The Pacific Northwest Shop
Bear Bowl at Spirit Wrestler Gallery in Vancouver
Sun serigraph at Native Northwest in Vancouver

Eagle Cast Sterling Silver Ring at Black Tusk Gallery in Whistler
Bear mask, Red Cedar, available at The Path Gallery in Whistler

So very proud of our neighbourhood buddy, Corey!

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