Thursday, January 25, 2007

Images a la Umbra

Umbra, a Toronto-based manufacturer, has consistently created and delivered excellent and affordable designs to suit any style of space. Image holder designs are no exception. With pile upon pile of holiday photos kickin' around, these innovative photo holders by Umbra present unique ideas on how to showcase all those favourite (and not so favourite) images...

Photos on a serving tray for your guests to admire, or for you to enjoy during a lingering Sunday breakfast-in-bed treat. Host Picture Tray is a wood and sealed glass serving tray, designed by Umbra Design Group.

Endear photo mirror designed by Matt Carr has eight photo openings. Great way to keep track of those before and after shots (or before a night after shots... how does it go again?)

Cool 3-d effect with this Sumatra wall frame designed by Jason Nip. Tis a magnetic wall mounted multi-photo holder with metal base that holds up to ten photos.

Christmas is over, but no reason not to still have a tree... Fotofalls 55 designed by Tom Vincentm is a freestanding photo tree that holds 36 images.

Cabino designed by Michelle Ivankovic. Wood, glass and acrylic storage cabinet with floating photo display door. Instead of having to see a messy hairdo and my rumpled PJ's first thing in the morning, there are sentimental images for me to peruse and admire.

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