Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Moment with Nature

Ice Bear. Giant of the Arctic. Ursus maritimus. To the Inuit, Nanuk...
The polar bear is a symbol of the Arctic world. Perfectly suited to the harsh cold of the Great White North, the polar bear is a symbol of quiet strength in spirit and determination.
Yet they are an endangered species. The ebb and flow of the polar ice determines this beautiful bears' fate, and as climate warming reduces the vastness of the ice, the future of the polar bear is seriously threatened.

(image courtesy of ourcanada.ca)


Princess Diana Central said...

Beautiful picture Terramia,

I just stumbled across your blog and I'm always excited when I see a blog from a fellow Canadian (I'm in Regina). I've just taken a quick look through your 'bedrooms' section and you have some great stuff here!
I will be back and spend more time looking around.
Thanks for all the work you've put into your blog. I think it's great!


** Terramia ** said...

Thanks so much Lori!

Hello to you, my proud fellow Canuck! I try to keep this site as Canadian as possible, so if you have any ideas just let me know. (;

My brother is over in Regina right now for RCMP training... being a West Coast boy his whole life, he is experiencing his first true Canadian Prairie winter! And he *loves* the change... especially with all the sunshine you experience over there (unlike our liquid winters over here... ).

Do keep in touch...

/T (: