Thursday, January 25, 2007

Kim in Nirvana, er, Ottawa

Oh, dear Kim in Ottawa... such a lovely abode!
You might fondly recall the beauty of Kim's "Bland Boring Cubicle Space Cure" during Apartment Therapy's 2006 Fall Colors Contest (which she should have won by the way!)

Well, take a look at it now (kimhas4cats on flickr)... her house just keeps getting more and more gorgeous by the second!
Kim in Shangri-la... such a stunning and inspiring space!


loriz said...

those are some inspirational living rooms you've posted. keep it up!

pinkmohair said...

Wowsah! I didn't realize that she posted her own house. This looks stunning. Love the cherries and love all the cannisters. Maybe I'll get there one day!

kim. said...

Terramia, I am honoured that you posted pics of my place. Thanks! Pink, believe me, if I can get somewhat there, you sure can!!!

By the way, midcenturyjo and I have started a for y'all to check it out!