Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Handcrafted Charm

Add finesse, flavour, and flair to your bedroom with these DIY headboard ideas from BHG...

Create this dramatic headboard by stacking three hollow-core doors, painted in matte black paint, horizontally on the wall. The chandelier in black adds a charming touch, as well as the punchy accents of red throughout the space
A grouping of black-and-white photos makes a chic and cherished headboard. Use coloured art paper in the frame to add interest to the wall
Place a bookcase or painted shelves on the wall over the bed to create a unique and functional headboard. Adds display space and the additional flanked pair of columns adds architectural interest
Striking but simple square wall art as headboard. Plywood squares upholstered in stapled batting and linen fill a tall space in contemporary style

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midcenturyjo said...

Love that first photo. Yum.