Sunday, January 21, 2007

Blastin Bags

Check out these innovative stereo bags...

Each carrying bag can connect to your iPod, MP3 player, CD player or phone and play music off of the built-in speakers. Blast on!

Oh, a walk down boombastic memory lane... these have been designed to be reminiscent of old school slammin boom box ghetto blasters. These stylish bags even have built in FM radio with all the controls located on the front of the bag. Bad to the bone!
The radical iBag iPod player/FM Radio Carrying Bag available at some Floater stores in Canada. Carry on the shoulder and position some cardboard on a grassy knoll for an off-the-cuff breakdancing session.... all you need for a gnarly picnic adventure! A mix of some Billy Idol, Cindi Lauper, Run DMC, Mini Pops, and Twisted Swister and all will be totally rockin'!

The Cyber Warrior High Roller Backpack from Lifepod is a surehit for those who want to go about incognito... but, still have tunes! I may not see you, but I certainly can hear you! Roomy so there is never a problem carrying all your necessities, and speakers are water-resistant. Perfect for Operation Swamp!

Va-va-va boom! Check out the chic iPod Triplet Tote Speaker Purse. The pleather/cotton bag has built-in handles on the body so it's a great clutch for nights on the town when you want to rock out in style. Make some white noise! At

Summer chillin... listen to your fav tunes and enjoy frosty beverages with this Techno Fleur Blue Speaker Bag from Lifepod. This cooler-bag holds eight cans (of whatever) and is completely waterproof, inside and out. Perfect for beachtime fun, or a chillin outdoor soirée. Mmmm... cold drinks and happy tunes= karaoke!! Teehee...

The Lifepod Mini Speaker Bag.. rouge and oh so discreetly rockin! Perfect for when you want to jazz up that dull dinner party or la-dee-da afternoon high tea. Paint the town red! Be heard...

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