Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tagged.. I am "It"!

Holy doodles... I have been tagged by thee splendid K Style!
Gee, I haven't really been tagged since elementary school, so I consider this a compliment!
Let the uncanniness begin...


Six weird things about *me*, eh? Hmmm.... where does one begin? (might have to consult my other half for insight into my own odd idiosyncrasies)

Firstly, my "freak factor"...
I have Congenital Anosmia. Simply put, I was born without a proper functioning sniffer.
I can't smell. Absolutely nothing.
All of my 31 years... not a whiff, biff or sniff of anything.
Soooo... when I have to pick out everyday stuff like deodorant, candles, detergent et cetera I go with the *name* that sounds the coolest... like summer breeze, fresh ocean spray, spring flowers. Tis a guessing game, really.
I joke that my fifth sense is Superhero X-Ray Vision... needless to say, I get a lot of weird reactions. (In actuality, I think I have an extra injection of compassion to fill the void...).
I often wonder how I can make heaps of dough not having a proper working nose... anyone?
And yes, it does affect my sense of taste. Well, theoretically I don't know how y'all taste things... but I can't really taste any "flavourings"... like rosemary (such a pretty name), thyme, basil, fennel, garlic, vanilla, cinnamon... et cetera. But, oddly enough I consider myself a pretty decent cook.. my favourite part in assembling a culinary concoction is closing my eyes, spinning the spice rack, and adding whatever I grab-- such quirky kitchen fun! C'est ma vie!

Another weirdness... I am totally and utterly obsessed with sharks. Anything and everything to do with them.. tis strange I know. Jaws has been, and always will be, my favourite film (and I know every inch of that movie... like my favourite one liner: "You're gonna need a bigger boat"). I have my theory about my odd fixation.
Oh, those darn tootin Great Whites (aka Carcaradon carcharias) have me wrapped around their...

Airports excite me. Just something about the buzz, the energy, the comings and goings... it is just so stimulating. I will stop there.

I have two different colours of eyes... they should both be blue-green, but my left iris looks like someone dropped a splotch of hazel/yellow in it.

I hate touching coins... just the groudy factor.

I think sock companies should sell bundles of socks in threes, not pairs. Without fail, one sock always mysteriously disappears... it's a fact of life. So my triplet "lottsa-sox" package would leave you with a perfect pair!

Yikes, can i stop now? I am weirding myself out...

Let the tag-o-rama continue with six others...

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You're "it"!
Tell me, and the rest of the blogosphere what is so weirdilicous about you (if you dare...)! (;


Anonymous said...

Hmmm.... I might have to sleep on this one. Be warned however - my answers might not be suitable for the whole family :-)

Heather in Beautiful BC said...

Ha! I already did this one - twice... surely I am exempt??? I learned lots about you though :)

My son videoed a great white attacking a young surfer in East London SA in ummmm... I think 1999. It was broadcast all over the world (and still is used in ALL the shark shows - so you've probably seen it) and he was paid 'mucho dinero'! Cool huh? I'll try to find the video to post on my site...

** Terramia ** said...

I will have to dig up your weirdness files, Heather. And I would love to see your son's video footage... boom, boom! (Though, I hope the surfer dude was okay... I am not that crazy, sicko weird!)
/T (:

Crunchy Carpets said...

LOL..ok..the no smell thing is verrrry interesting.
And my son would love to sit and chat with you about sharks!

I think I did the weird thing ages ago but since you are a NEW friend and there are PLENTY more weird things about me.....why not!!!??

Oh and I am adding you to the Wet Coast Women membership directory wether you want it or not!!!

hautenature* said...

Love sharks too.....mostly deathly afraid of them. It was very hard to learn how to surf. Love the lotus mosaic on your blog too.

** Terramia ** said...

Oh, goodness I lived Down Under for a couple of years and wanted desperately to learn how to surf... didn't happen! Boom.. Boom! Instead, I took a liking to surfing the white sand beaches a la Gold Coast. I enjoyed that! (;