Thursday, January 25, 2007

Veganism and a Beautiful Culture

Angie Pony

A stunning collection of animal-friendly bags from Matt & Nat, a fashion forward company from Montréal that specializes in vegan handbags. Peta even awarded company founder Inder Bedi and partner Manny Kohli a Proggy Award in 2005 for the best cruelty-free handbag collection. The famous bags can be found all over the world, including here in Victoria at Breeze Clothing on Government Street and Cameron Rose & Gifts in Sidney.

"Our company has a personality and a story. We stick to values, like our positivity message. It's always somewhere on the product and reflects our business and ethical beliefs - first about spiritual balance, then about being fashionable."

The handbag makers actually work in an all-white space where a giant Buddha gazes down at them from the middle of the main room, and there is a special area designated just for yoga and meditation. The Matt & Nat positivity message is stamped on either the inside or outside of each bag:

Choose life, choose positivity,
choose the golden rule, choose to be at peace with yourself,
choose salvation...

Choose vegan style!

Raging Bull Vintage
Lola Brasco
Angelica Vintage


crunchy carpets said...

I can't find an email..
Hey..can I link to some of your shopping posts?
You have some great stuff here and it would get the ball rolling for shopping ideas for WCW....


** Terramia ** said...

Go right ahead... the pleasure is all mine!