Thursday, January 18, 2007

0, The Eagle of Freedom!

"High o'er the watery uproar, silent seen,
Sailing sedate in majesty serene,
Now midst the pillared spray sublimely lost,
And now, emerging, down the rapids tossed,
Glides the Bald Eagle, gazing, calm and slow

~ E. B. White

Vigilance by Canadian artist Robert Bateman

I have always been fascinated by this majestic bird. Symbolising peace, strength, courage and freedom, Bald Eagles soar with grace here on the West Coast. They are Canada's largest raptor or bird of prey, and are found in every province and territory... and Vancouver Island has one of the largest concentrations of Bald Eagles anywhere in the world. Beautiful local images of these magnificent birds can be found here...

Although Bald Eagles are on Canada's protected list, they are a threatened species. Sadly, two Bald Eagles were found dead yesterday on the Cowichan River in Duncan, near the Cowichan Valley Native Reserve. It is unsure whether the birds were hunted for ceremonial, sustenance, or recreation purposes. But, the carcasses were left behind to rot on the river shore, reminiscent of the tragic slaughter of over 50 bald eagles found mutilated in North Vancouver last year.
Bald Eagles are masters of the sky... and I wonder who could do something so despicable and immoral!

On the Wing - Bald Eagle by Robert Bateman

The beloved Bald Eagle.. soaring and gliding effortlessly in the sky above. Bird of the broad and sweeping wing, thy home is high in heaven... continue to fly with silent, peaceful poise.

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