Friday, January 19, 2007

Go ahead Break-up... I'll take your Condo!

So, I finally saw "The Breakup"...
The movie wasn't half bad, but what really struck me was the apartment! I can see why they were so viciously fighting over it... I would too! I am ever impressed with set designs these days, and this is no exception...
Try to erase Vaughniston and company from the space, and one will see that the design is a perfect balance of yin and yang.
As a transitional look, it includes a blend of retro, contemporary, and traditional styles. It is a space that is decorated with a classic and timeless touch. I love the neutral tones paired with rich fabrics, abstract art, sleek straightlined furniture and contrasting dark accents. The effect is casual, warm, and serene (minus the feuding couple).
A Hollywood set that is both simple and sophisticated (unlike the characters...). Two thumbs up for the condominium eye candy!

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