Thursday, January 4, 2007

Industrial Excitement

Some of my all time favourite items from super cool Industrial Revolution, in Vancouver on très hip Granville Street.

Glamour Chandelier in linear design. Luminescent with light reflecting off the chrome finish of dozens of round discs. Enchanting... and brand sparkling new to the store.

Message Beans in a can sprout a plant with special message. Simply open, add water and in about a week you can enjoy the message as the bean sprouts such as: Thank you, Welcome, Good luck, Love, and Happy Birthday (or create your own here). Have fun planting messages here and there...

Lug Luggage Tags attach to your suitcase, lunch bag, backpack, purse etc. Fun colours and cool designs. Makes me want to grab me rucksack and go walkabout...

iJoy™ Robotic Massage Chair. The modern chair packs in four massage functions (rolling, kneading, compression, and percussion), and three massage sessions into every 15-minute massage program. Ohhhh, ahhhh, I like the sounds (and sensation) of that.

Metro Kane Wine Bar has everything you need to entertain and serve great wine. This all-in-one unit has a foil cutter, cork screw, adjustable bottle sealer, and holds 6 bottles of your favourite wine. The unit also folds away easily so you can take it anywhere with you. Cool... portable!

Optics Frame is a sophisticated cast metal photo frame with glass cover. Cool convex design... look at photos with bug-eye effect.

Cylinder Ottoman plus Tray with different patterns and textures designed to create excitement through function. Tres modern hip... I dig.

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