Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Jewellery and Young Creative Flair

Amazing pieces of jewellery made by up-and-coming designers from Canada and all over the world, currently on display at Petroff Gallery in Toronto.

All so gorgeous, unique, and stunning -- I feel compelled to showcase a plethora of this talented work...

Square Dichroic Bracelets by Fern Jordan

Cascade Necklace in Black/Silver by Dalya Nussbaum

Suspended Rectangular Pendant by Erin Tracy

Pebble Bracelet by Annette Van Leeuwen

Necklaces Jacob D & A by Anne-Marie Chagnon

Gold and Silver Stripe Bracelet by Elizabeth Garvin

Hip Collection Bracelet and Necklace in Red and Pink by Ayala Bar

Fallen Leaves Necklace by Elizabete Ludviks

Bauble Necklace by Nirit Dekel

Tribal Necklace on Cord by Jenny Greco

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