Tuesday, January 2, 2007

A New Year with our beloved *earthmates*...

Until we extend our circle of compassion to all living things,
humanity will not find peace.
~Albert Schweitzer

Some excellent suggestions from Bruce Passmore from Vancouver Humane Society as seen in today's Vancouver Sun.

Helping animals is a good New Year's resolution...

Quitting smoking, going on a diet or getting more exercise are great resolutions, but resolving to help animals will not only make you feel better, it will make a big difference in the lives of so many. Here are the Vancouver Humane Society's top ten for 2007:

  1. don't buy eggs from caged hens, if you choose to buy eggs, buy certified organic eggs instead as they are guaranteed to be free range and have the highest welfare standards
  2. adopt a homeless animal from the local shelter (and steer clear of exotic pets or animals sold in pet stores or breeders.)
  3. (In the words of Bob Barker...) get your dog/cat spayed or neutered and tell every pet owner you know to do the same
  4. dont' patronize zoos, animal circuses, rodeos, or any event exploiting animals
  5. give a vegetarian diet a try, starting with one meat-free meal a week (if you love animals called pets, why do you eat animals called dinner?)
  6. don't buy fur - even fur trim (cruelty is one fashion and design statement we can all do without)
  7. try to switch to cruelty-free and non animal tested product
  8. become a supporter of an animal charity
  9. report animal cruelty to the BC SPCA
  10. Do something kind for animals every day (take your neighbour's dog for a walk; write a letter to the editor supporting animals; hug your pet!)

(adorable image was emailed to me by a friend, by a friend)


kiminottawa said...

ohmigod that picture is PRICELESS!!! this is a great posting because i think humane society's and animals in general need more support. (the h.s. here is awful because it's so under-funded)

** Terramia ** said...

Not enough attention is given to these organisations.. animals are deserving of so much more.

BTW... I adore all your contributions to Flickr. You are magic! (:

kiminottawa said...

i am an animal freak (got 4 cats at the moment) and they are so lucky to have me to spoil. wish i could do more for others.

and thanks! i had a pretty uneventful Christmas so I had alot of time to google for cool pics. and i have a cold so i took today off....
and your blog is one i read daily...good work!