Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Salvation in a Seat

As January turns itself into long days of rain and wind here on the West Coast, all I crave is time to curl up on a lush sofa... snuggled in a cozy blanket, sipping a cuppa warmth, and perusing a great book. Ah, absolute bliss.

The essential ingredient in this grand retreat is to have the perfect seating. It must be captivating, gorgeous, and be able to offer a high level of comfort for extended periods of time.

Alas, I have come across some delightful sofas at Chintz & Company in Victoria that may satisfy my desire for ultimate contentment...

(top) Cayenne Marseille Sofa
Kiwi Natalia Sofa
Ruby Warwick Sofa
Olive Katherine Sofa Verde Santiago Sofa
Amber Jocelyn Sofa

Now for the icing on the cake...
Add a roaring fireplace and my loving partner (seated beside me, on the floor -- teehee) and I have found *heaven* on earth (or at least in my home....) (;

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