Monday, January 15, 2007

To take, or not to take: that is the question...

Hmmm.... to take the umbrella, or not? That is thee ever prevailing question of the day for most West Coasters. Will it rain today? Hard to tell... sometimes it is like experiencing four seasons in one day over here in southwestern B.C.!
This Forecast Umbrella from Materious is meant to make early morning decision-making much easier. The umbrella and stand has rain forecasting technology built right in! It provides information about the liklihood of rain so that us folks can make a simple, informed decision about whether we should take the umbrella with us before we leave home. Nothing really matches the misery of being stuck in a downpour without a shield of protection.... so what an ingenious idea!
"Using existing WiFi technology to wirelessly pull information from the internet, Forecast's lighted umbrella handle glows more intensely with the increased chance of precipitation offering a clear and unobtrusive signal to the user."
All the technology is in the base, except for a single LED and two contact wires, so the umbrella is reliable even in turn-umbrella-inside-out winds or during breakage.
Wow... every rain-weary West Coaster will want one (or two or three) of these situated at their entryway! Me included... (:

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