Monday, January 8, 2007

You are stepping all over Lionel...

I am experiencing my bi-annual "sift through my closet" event and I have piles and piles of clothes here, there, and everywhere. There are so many pieces I never wear (or lest I say dare wear), so I have made the reluctant decision to say (or sing) so long, farewell, auf wiedersehn, goodbye.. goodbye.. goodbye.. goodbye.
Off to local charity we go... but, what to do with all those outdated, passé t-shirts that aren't salvageable (nor even fashionable)? Like those 90's Esprit logo shirts, old U2 concert shirts, or those cliche holiday "Been there, done that" shirts... all long past their expiration date and are not even decent enough to be demoted to the sweaty gym.
They still have cool colours, bold patterns, and that wonderful broken-in!

I found this awesome DIY idea from Cityline...

This four-tone rag rug is made from cut-up T-shirts (yes, t-shirts... yours, his, sister, ex-boyfriend... whatever... whosever!) .....

Ten cotton T-shirts (that should be easy for me!)
24” x 36” piece netting from craft store
Four yards of two-inch-wide grosgrain ribbon

Step one: Cut up your T-shirts into one-inch-wide strips as long as desired (this should be fun -- there goes that worn-red-to-pink "I'm with the band" logo!)
Step two: Loop through your netting.
Step three: Affix your grosgrain ribbon to the sides of your netting.
Step four: Step back and admire your terrrific t-shirt creation... voilà!

A one of a kind carpet plot!
And no one needs to know that what once was a Lionel Ritche classic, now has become a part of a ridiculously cool ragmat! Our little secret... (;

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