Monday, January 1, 2007

Made from the Material World

In the beginning there was not design. In the beginning there was waste...
Unique creations arise from our mounds of waste from the designs of German artists Bär + Knell...
Cushions consisting of transparent plastic covers filled with cleaned but otherwise unprocessed plastic packaging waste to go with the armchair, sofa and couches made from reclaimed garbage.
"Our work is the means of achieving aesthetic and ecological targets. And everything revolves around the principle of recycling. Plastic packaging waste - from bags for potato crisps to bottles for fabric softeners - is used to produce useful everyday items. The original colours and printed brand names and logos that consumer know so well are all there; they have just been changed slightly by the manufacturing process." - Bär + Knell

The glowing ambience of small light columns made from recycling plastic
Plastic packaging waste turned into individial and unique chairs

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