Monday, January 1, 2007

Nate says Make your Home your Own

A much viewed space of a tres popular designer... Nate Berkus.
I came across some images of his own home and was once again impressed by his fantastique design style.

"It is not simply the way things look and feel, but how the experience imprints a memory – a special scent, wonderful fabric idea or fine detail... translate that spirit and soul."

A home is an expression of you.. and thus here are a few impressive rooms dans la maison de Monsieur Berkus.

Love how the room has meaningful collectibles and objects spread all about. I am also envious of the pair of gold and green chairs Nate found in a flea market in New York. Stunning score!

I adore the architecture and organic feel of this space. An inviting chair to sit and soak in the soothing ambience...

A true example of Nate Berkus eloquent style... the library is chock-full of gorgeous features, especially the ornate patterned rug in deep Venetian orange. His signature odd unmatched chair a la mode... j'adore.

Charming, expressive, rich, and inspiring... une belle maison.

In the prose of Nate,

"Each room in your space should be a beautiful reflection of who you are and what you love. Think of every detail and object you bring into your home as an intimate expression of yourself. What inspires you? Choose the styles that speak to your sensibility... the ideas that will always say I’m home."

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