Thursday, January 4, 2007

Perfect Proportions of Authentic Beauty

Some gorgeous images from the Spring/Summer 2007 Collection at 18Karat in Vancouver.

"Underlying the swift changes (of design)... is a solid foundation of that which is purely beautiful—authentic beauty that never really goes out of style, that crosses cultures and nationalities and is always in season.

In the Greek language, the word kallos is used to describe this honest, timeless and authentic beauty. In this collection you will find a gentle colour palette with a wide variety of earthen and raw textures mixed with the lustre of mother of pearl and matte metallics. We study the perfect proportion of natural spirals and are intrigued with the simplicity and adaptation of tillandsias, the plants that live without roots or soil. Fascinating fossils, some billions of years old, bring a mystical energy into our spaces and remind us of the brief moment we have to enjoy the authentic beauty in our modern lives..."

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