Thursday, January 4, 2007

What is Canada?


I watched Souvenir of Canada last night... and I have to say it was a Canuck classic of a film. It is a documentary drawn from Douglas Coupland’s best-selling series of books of the same title. And it is basically about Coupland's quest for the solution to that old riddle of "What is Canada?"

Abundant with humour, nostalgia, insight, and all things Canadiana, I highly recommend it for those lucky enough (or not) to live under the Maple Leaf.

It is a film that shows that Canadians are bound together on a geographic, historical and nationalistic level. It is about sharing a common past and a sense of unity, and he portrays this with the creation of an art installation in the "Canada House". From our collective memories, he locates and displays objects ('Canadiana souvenirs') like stubbie beer bottles, ookpiks, Windsor salt boxes, Terry Fox's sock, and of course hockey sticks for all to see. It is a walk down memory lane.

A sure-to-be Canuck cult classic as it provides a humorous, quintessentially Canadian look back at our yesteryears...

A theme spread throughout the film aptly summed up by Coupland,

"We are the land and the land is us —
we are inseparable and this knowledge binds us together.”

Eh to that!

*Be sure to click on the title, and view the teasers... I guarantee it will give you a case of the Canuckle chuckles!

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