Monday, April 16, 2007

Branches so Beautiful

Spring is all about rebirth and regrowth, so I take it as the perfect time to freshen up a room. A display of branches acts as an organic, natural focal point in any space. I love to bring in small elements of the outdoors... the sight of nature is soothing for the mind, nurturing for the soul, and pure happiness for the spirit.

Canadian House & Home
(top) Marie Claire
Matthew Smyth
S.R. Grambel
Jeffrey P Elliott
Jonathan Adler
Jeffrey P Elliott
Greg Van Boven
Laurie Smith
Jeffrey P Elliott
Canadian House & Home


susan said...

I'm very sorry, I have nothing to say.

Every single thing I scroll past is fantastic, I'm overwhelmed! The interiors are so clean and fresh, and I love that feeling. Really great eye candy for a Monday!

Paula said...


Marianne said...

You have replaced a few CDN blogs as my favorite.
And I am happy for you that your hockey team won last nite!! ;>
I visit every morning and am always happy!

Queenie said...

Wow!!!Love it all.

jaime said...

I always feel like I'm going to poke myself with branches!

Paul said...

thanks for the inspiration. i just finished pruning some trees out back so this would be a great and eco-conscious way to show off some natural art!

jamie said...

beautiful spaces! :)

Sandee said...

You are a great Cdn inspiration, Tara! Thank you!

style court said...

I love this amazing mix of designers' styles you put together here -- the different ways they all used lovely branches. Especially love that Adler pic.