Monday, April 9, 2007

Screen with Envy

Off the beaten track... a selection of screens au naturel

Robert Couturier
(top) Winoldi flexible acoustic screen

Elliptical folding screen by Caroline Casey
Vellay Folding Screen, Kerry Joyce collection for Dessin Fournir
Osaka Screen from Greystone Home Collection, handcrafted out of wood with antique mirrors
Strip from Stefan Lie

Assam Wooden Screen from Potluck Studios, available at Baccis in Vancouver
Plantation Shutter Screen from Pier One
Room divider made of sustainable wood designed by Rebecca Asquith for Unless in Taranaki, NZ


Linda said...

I love that last one! Fabulous post!!

MidWestWendy said...

I am looking to buy a new screen, so thank you for this briliant post!

Emily said...

i love these there beautiful!

Mark Cutler said...

Great post, I am a huge fan of screens, I actually have the Kerry Joyce one in my house.

Anonymous said...

this is a wicked post!!

Jimbo said...

Nice selection!