Monday, April 2, 2007

The Johns & Studio 16 1/2

I had the luxury this weekend to view the beautiful works of art by local artists Marc and Kristen Johns. Their "Overlooked Treasures and Miscellaneous Oddities" exhibit is currently showing at Studio 16 1/2 in historic Fan Tan Alley, Victoria... from March 8, 2007 to April 2, 2007
The very talented couple share a love for creating art... Marc Johns creates whimsical drawings filled with dry wit and humour, and Kristen Johns captures the beauty of everyday life with her acrylic paintings. What a dazzling sight! I thoroughly enjoyed... merci!


mohairpink said...

I really like the way they display all pf this (not to mention the art itself!)

Anonymous said...


LeeLee said...

Great local art find. Love to see talent here on the Island!