Sunday, April 1, 2007

Happy April!

High Tulips at The Empress.... a sea of scarlet in front of the historic turn-of-the-century hotel. Spring is here (and that's no April fool's joke!)
Image par moi while on a meandering sun-filled stroll downtown Vic this weekend...


andrea said...

Oh, Victoria in spring. I want to move back!

Anonymous said...

Victoria is a glorious sight this time of year --and always!
You take mighty fine pics too!
I am rather enjoying your blog. Everyday I check it out over a pot of tea (like I am there with you in Victoria - BTW, I like the play on words "High Tulips at the Empress"... that's clever!!)
Linda on the Mainland

Anonymous said...

Your hometown is very beautiful. Count your blessings cause ee dont get color like that until end of May!