Thursday, April 26, 2007

Let There be Shade

An impressive patio umbrella in Shady Lace Green designed by Dutch company DROOG, available at Lekker. The lace pattern allows for sunlight to cast a leaf shadow effect. I adore the kelly green and bird perched on top... a strikingly unique addition to any outdoor setting.


Nameless4Now said...

Droog Design is one of the wildest things going. I was over at The Sartorialist, and there was a link to a piece in Time Magazine, because Sart was listed in the top 100 Design Somethings...

And I just happened to see that a guy who once was at Droog, Marcel Wanders, was listed as a top 'Virtuoso' in the design world:,28804,1609195_1609124,00.html

Well that's all I have to report today.



** Terramia ** said...

Merci, I will check it out... I think Marcel Wanders is wild and crazy and so cool (I did a bit on "The Lute" design hotel involving him a wee bit ago)

Thanks again for the report, nameless4now! You rock! (:

Cheers, T

Anonymous said...

i love this color!

Linda Merrill said...

I love this!