Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Emily Carr Undergraduate Exhibition 2007

Intriguing works designed by local art students at the Emily Carr Institute 2007 Undergraduate Exhibition...

LACK, Ikea coffee table and plastic bags by Monica Otero
Interchange by Anh Le
Our sacred home our natural and artificial surroundings. The images are of a highway interchange, mirrored and repeated to create an ornate, luxurious pattern connoting wealth and affluence.
One Time Use Only, the plywood BBQ designed by Warren Stagg
The title says it all.
Trash Scans designed by Jill Alison Banting
The silkscreen on paper art piece is an urban interpretation of the Tibetan mandala (the mandala is an object used for visual contemplation on the beauty and perfection of Creation). This collage is created with trash from the everyday... a reflection of our disposable, junk food culture. Spirituality and the pursuit of self-knowledge are replaced by consumerism and self-indulgence. Very symbolic.


Anonymous said...

this is poetry. green poetry.
there is an underlying eco-conscious theme that is prevalent in new artists. like environmentalism has become a realm of spiritualism. a profound creative outlet.
enjoyable link.


I enjoyed seeing the trash scans. Very nice!


Michelle said...

Love the witty wooden BBQ...great to see exciting work coming out of my hometown! Keep up the great work :-)

Linda said...

I love the eco-undertones of this art as anonymous said.
That IKEA table loaded with plastic bags is both disturbing AND thought-provoking. I like this post, Tara. Good one!!