Thursday, May 3, 2007

Pigeon Pretty

Thee gorgeous Spring dress collection from Passenger Pigeon, designed and created by Toronto duo Heather Schibli and Wendy Traas using organic and sustainable fabrics (available at HUM Clothing and T.H.E Store in Vancouver). Check out the story of the Passenger Pigeon... a wonderful inspiration and cause.

Elise ~ available in green or black with cream sash and striped top detail, made with soy/cotton/spandex and knit sash made with hemp
(top) Yvonne ~ black or white option made with 100% bamboo voile

Norah ~ reversible wrap dress
Lori ~ made with hemp/silk/organic cotton blend with bamboo voile


Kendra said...

i like the reversible wrap dress. all are very pretty.

Jill said...

Pretty designs!

Anonymous said...

Perfect for summer! Nice muted colours!