Thursday, May 10, 2007

Miles at Mile Zero

A Poem:
Our Sky Has Many Colours
Blue is Just One of Them
(For Miran)
"I watch cherry blossom petals
Fall from a tree
Like spring snow.
I would like to have given you these flowers
But I can only tell you they were there"
~ Miles Eldredge
I am enamored with these works of art by local artist Miles Eldredge. I love the sincerity and etherealness of his paintings... he uses plants and trees that are native to Vancouver Island, and he evokes a powerful symbolism of heaven on earth : "one can tell a true paradise because its inhabitants usually have no idea that it is there... if they would just look around, they would see the beauty that permeates everything" [Well, that is an exception for this enchanting place called Victoria (aka Mile Zero)... we know its paradise! (; ]
Miles' work is currently on display at my favourite local eating joint, Mo:Le. Be sure to peruse his poetry (hence above)... he is a remarkable talent.
At Dawn No Light Shines
(top) Segaki - for Miran A Red Flowers Blooms Red


miles maid said...

thank you for showing some of Miles' artwork. i love your slice about Vic town being paradise -- that it is! he knows that too.
i will contact you directly.

cruststation said...

Love the beautiful quotes and images, thank you.