Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Teracrea for Terra Firma

That time of year again! Here are some impressive ideas to quench your insatiable green thumb...
Unique designs for traditional terracotta pots, from Teracrea.
(from top)
Treille is a system of cylindrical vases horizontally aligned and connected by green (camouflage) nylon belts and adjustable metal braces. A stair set can be created made of three containers to hang from the ceiling or from a wall.
Infinito is an assemblage of vases which can be configured in a multitude of circular shapes.
Balconcino is a vase obtained by joining a cylinder and a bowl, allowing greenery to grow from the varying heights.


michelle said...

Oh these are very unique. I love the bottom one! How clever.

DeeDee said...

Smart ideas, particularly the top one.