Thursday, May 17, 2007

Posch so Pretty

I love these eco-pretty designs created by Luce Beaulieu of Posch designs in Montreal. The sweet Handbags are made from recycled bed sheets and pillowcases, and the "I *Heart* Kyoto" silk-screened tees are made from reclaimed old shirts. The Hang Tags are created from 100% post consumer laser paper and vintage wrapping paper. Super charming and *très* eco-trendy!


emma ::emmas designblogg:: said...

Melon on the couch? Well, it looks good anyway... :-)

I put a link for you on my blog now!

Anonymous said...

This is very cool fashion. Thanx!

Janick - Nea Jewelry said...

Oh yeah!
Happy you talked about Posch, I love! I have 3 Posch bags! hehe :)

Greg said...

I love the designs.
But Kyoto?
Such a contentious, political statement. Great ideology in theory, but the whole eco-scheme of a country to be able to buy emissions credits when they exceed their quota is credit-trading crazy! God knows where *that* money will go when a country trades and sells...
Too bad the Liberals signed the Kyoto Accord to look good on the world stage (Oh Canada... what a nice country!), but did nothing "locally" to improve Canada's carbon footprint (they made it worse actually!!). The objective of course is to stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere to control climate change. The Kyoto is gravely flawed, and needs a major overhaul for any major carbon-emitting country to take it seriously. Even Greenpeace's Bill Hare labels the Kyoto outcome a 'tragedy and a farce'.
Local changes need to be made before international efforts can be considered; afterall, Canada should be embarassed that our previous government did NOTHING to make this amazing country a cleaner, healthier place to live. (I find it ironic and also strangely amusing that Stephen Dion named his canine buddy "Kyoto"...)
Kyoto needs a makeover before I would even consider wearing that political t-shirt!