Friday, May 11, 2007

Stump for yer Rump

I think this is one timber terrific idea!
The Stump creation from ReadyMade. Bore out the entire cavity of a (fallen) tree stump to create a cubby for storage and a sawed top for a lid. VoilĂ ! Instant storage, seat and sidetable!


Anonymous said...

great idea! stanley park could make a fortune selling log furniture like this!

Steve No_ said...

Also: Dry it slowly (3 months, typ.) s.t. it neither moulders nor bleeds or splits, nor attracts termites! Maybe finish it with beeswax for similar reasons...and let us know how you kept the bark on; so far the only way I know is to set it back carefully.

I cannot complain about having a solid bloc about though. Cutting job? Spare the kitchenware and see the log.

I mistook a bowl wire-cut from a stump for a gold enamel bicycle helmet. Just Oak and light caring finish.
Of course if I tried to serve food in a Buddha or store things in it, that would be rather tackier than cutout wooden stashes (weak furniture, roof beams, etc.)