Saturday, March 31, 2007

M for Magnetic Magic

M for Metal, M for Magnetic, M for Marvellous, and M for the last day of March...
Creativeness with magnetism...

Big Dot Creative Magnetic Bulletin boards from Three by Three Seattle
(top) Magnetic metal letter "M" from Canadian Home and Country

Mounted metal board in the kitchen creates a great place to display recipes, from Pottery Barn
Magnetic paint additive mixed with primer and a favourite colour creates a magnetic square for a workspace, from Home Cheap Home
A DIY project from Amber at My Aim: a magnetic poster wall for her office
Metal numbers created into magnetic board with DIY domino magnets, from Junk Market Style
Magnetic clipboards fit into shelves and provide display space and a place for notes and memos, from Pottery Barn: Home
A metal letter "U" from an old shop sign finds new purpose as a magnetic memo board
Metal sheeting creates a great organization space, from Oh My Apartment
A metal door becomes a showpiece of magnetic art, from Marie Claire Maison


Anonymous said...

How clever! Your a-MMMazing blog fills me with bliss every day. Thank you.

Fairfax said...

Mmmmmmmmm.... what fun!

** Terramia ** said...

Oh shucks, thanks anonymous... comments like that fills ~ME~ with bliss! Merci beaucoup! :)

Emily said...

i love these! i love a to post notes, pictures but don't want things to look cluttered!

Anonymous said...