Friday, February 16, 2007

Eco-Retro Rockin-Ware

Eco-cool idea designed by Vinylux... the Vintage Vinyl Cuff made with black vinyl from recycled records. Available at Greenfeet and Elsewares (Canada friendly!)
Groovy! Now, I wonder what classic and old school LPs went into the making of each cuff...
A piece of Michael Jackson' s Thriller (eeks!), some mane-flowin Crystal Gayle (I wanted her hair!), remnants of the MIA "New Kids on the Block" era (the cuff is Hangin' Tough), a morsel of a Barry Manilow medley, or perhaps a strip of thee jivin tweeny group Mini-Pops (jeepers..I still have this exact album!)...??
Hmmm, guess we'll never know...

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