Tuesday, February 13, 2007

KooKoo Cozy

Ok, I must admit the evenings are still a tad chilly here on the West Coast, and the early mornings can carry a cold nip...
Jack Frost and Ole Man Winter are still here! So wrap yourself in warmth and comfort with these lush items from Canadian design company KooKoo based in Vancouver. A cup of cocoa and a KooKoo cozy = wintertime bliss!
100% Canadian: made in Canada, made for Canada...

Cowichan Cushion & Slippers
Handknit by the Cowichan First Nations of Vancouver Island, the cushion has natural wood buttons for closure and "3 tree" embroidery on a recycled canvas patch, and the slippers come in a recycled fabric drawstring bag... in bark, ivory or taupe

Sherpa Blankets
Made of 100% cotton with "3 tree" embroidery on a recycled canvas patch applied to bottom corner of blanket... in beige, celadon, or oatmeal

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