Monday, February 26, 2007

An Uncertain Future, designs by Amrita

The historic Hudson's Bay Building of Victoria
Restoration of the landmark four-storey Georgian Revival building was recently approved (postcard image from Victoria's Victoria via UVic)

Endangered Structures pillows created by Canadian designer Amrita Takhar and Andrea Chin.
The designs represent a sampling of the many endangered iconic buildings of Canada:
The Bata Shoe Headquarters in Toronto, the Lighthouses of the East and West Coast, Grain Elevators of the Prairies (and BC's Interior such as downtown Creston), and the Igloos of our North
Once prominent landmarks, these famous heritage sites are all threatened due to deconstruction, neglect, lack of heritage status and conservation, and climate change.
The patterns below are on the reverse side of each pillow...

Amrita's stylish way to draw attention to the need for preservation of the past...

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