Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Silly or Sassy?

To add some quirky humour to thee halfway Wednesday...

Ever wonder where your soap has been... especially if it's a shared resource in la salle de bain? How about where on my towel did I just wipe that?
Never again will you have to ponder which side of the soap did you just clean your hiney with in the shower. Even worse... who else was washing their behind with the soap (not pointing any fingers here!)? Eek! All your worries can be washed away with the Butt-Face Soap from Danna Bananas based in Pickering, Ontario...
And your towel... well with the Butt-Face Towel, it's simple which way is up and which way is down. One side plainly states "BUTT", and the other half says "FACE"...
Phew, thankfully I have face towels et seperate savons just for this reason!
Um, okay.... butt of all jokes?!
Silly or sassy?

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