Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Show a Heart ♥

This captured my heart...
I saw this absolutely stunning Crystal Heart Bowl, handmade and handpainted by master glasscrafter Mats Jonasson from Sweden, while I was shopping for almonds... (yes, almonds-- a good protein source for thy veghead!)... at, of all places, our local Costco (for like $20 cheaper than other glassware stores such as William Ashley)

So, admiring this beautiful glass bowl made me ponder the traditional "heart shape" of Valentine's Day.
The heart represents the very center of our emotions, particularly love... but, it also symbolizes the selfless act of giving. To give a heart is a symbol of giving the most important part of yourself...
This reminded me of the Show of Hearts telethon that I watched in bits and pieces on the tele this past weekend for Variety - The Children’s Charity (a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to raising funds to inspire hope, enrich lives, and build a better future for BC’s children). I learned that there are a staggering amount of people who are willing to help someone in a time of need... to offer a ray of hope, a giving heart.
And so it moved me. It touched me to the inmost soul. It made me realize that Valentines is simply a reminder to acknowledge those around us... to bring *joy* into someone's life, to spread *love* to one another, and to give from the ♥ heart ♥

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