Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Art of Rain

O great rain,
What would my wilderness be
Without your sweet company?
O greatest music of all,
The sky's kiss on the warm soil...

A dreamy debut of a drizzle... we had a wet Valentines here in Victoria. We don't experience relentless downpours very often in this neck of the woods (unlike other parts of southwestern BC), but I don't mind. I see it as a showering of repenishment; energy for the land, and soul... nourishment for the warm spring months ahead. Besides, the tapping of rain at my window is one of my favourite sounds. Mesmerizing... soothing... hypnotizing

I fancy these unique Umbrella Stands designed by Eva Schildt Certainly, they would make the liquid winters here on the Wet, er West Coast so much more tolerable! Sculptural and functional... pieces of art with a purpose --- (and check out the matching, magical umbrella... the rival of every meteorologist!)

Askul stand in metal with a pattern of circles, like raindrops in a westcoast puddle

Mary P stand... the sponge base soaks up the raindrops, and the blue colour of the stand reflects the sky and water

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