Monday, February 19, 2007

Sexy Victoria

So, this sexy ad has ruffled the conservative nest here in Victoria.
Tourism Victoria has unveiled their exciting new ad campaign to entice tourists to come , er, visit what is traditionally known as the Garden City or Little England...
It's taking what it calls a "bold, new approach," saying the ads are edgy and meant to be a play on words, not offensive. Apparently the "orgasm" ad is really about culinary tourism and the food and wine available here, and will be featured in culinary publications.
In tune with the overall slogan that proclaims that Victoria is "Full of Life," the city is now billing itself as somewhere to indulge your "unbridled passion".... "Meet Victoria. Beautiful, Talented and Dead Sexy." The advertisements tell potential visitors that it's "Time to Experience that Tingling Sensation" and to visit a place that's "rugged, outdoorsy and wrapped in seaweed."

And so... my hometown of Victoria, the Capital City, known more for traditional high tea than racy "metronatural" innuendos, has more to offer than what meets the eye.
Tis a place where old-world traditions meet new-world experiences.
It's Victoria's secret... come visit.
Does the sexy sell you?

Here are what other people had to say at "first blush"...

(ad clip from Victoria News)

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