Monday, February 19, 2007

Tony and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamspa

How about adding the ultimate in coolness to your bathroom time... not by creating your conventional spa ambience, but by being unorthodox and daring!
Throw on some ABBA, hit the light switch and enjoy the bright and blazin glow of technicolours as you go about your business.
I just can't get over this design, and I have to share tha funk...
The Illuminated bathtub and sink designed by Jan Puylaert for Montreal's Generate. The polyethylene fixtures have built in programmable LED lights that come in a plethora of colours, such as fluorescent orange, lemon yellow, pink, red, white and multichromatic for that ultra-hip disco flavour. Voilà ... the radiant rainbow bathroom experience!
Flat screen on the wall, lots of bubbles, a sweet and sexy Long Island (with those glow stir sticks and funky blinking ice cubes), a dose of Tony Manero on Saturday Night Fever, and I've just created the ultimate disco package! Oh ya, it's me time...

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