Friday, February 16, 2007

Vegan Delight

Spring 2007 "Vegan-Vinyl" bags designed by Erin Wilk of the Canadian craft-alicious Anatomy of a Skirt... (glad to see her site thriving after Plain Mabel's slow wind-down)
All of her designs are completely animal friendly, proving that design can be eco-stylin without the cruelty (hallelujah!). Vintage and recycled materials are incorporated in the design of the purses and totes, and I love the option to build your own bag! Vegan eco-cool...

Narwhal Robin's Egg Blue Messenger
(Narwhal whales are known for their single extraordinary tusks that can grow up to 3m... which sadly makes them a hunted species)

Bronze Monster Mimi

Giant Slouch in Saddle Brown

Squirrel Deepest Plum Messenger

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