Monday, February 19, 2007

A Noodle of an Idea

As I type this I can't help but notice my ho-hum light fixture casting a wearisome, lacklustre glow in my kitchen.
I think it might be time to add some oomph and personality to my cherished cooking space... a project might just be in the works. Pick out a fav image, transfer it to transparency film, and adhere it to the outside of my existing shade... oh, I can feel the excitement building! (Reminds me of the moooi lamp impressions I posted on a while back...)
I do love to bring a bit of the outdoors into my home... this funky leaf motif lamp shade is just so sweet. It's from Noodle, a super cool shop in the UK -- they also make the most gorgeous cushions. Their design swatches are enough to exalt the spirit, stir the heart, and stimulate the imagination. Très inspiring indeed...

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CeLee said...

i love fabric lampshades. if you figure out an easy way to create 'em ... lemme know! they are so expensive and look fairly easy to do.