Thursday, February 22, 2007


Strikingly intricate design on the tabletop of this handcarved circular table with ebonized details
(top) Elegant Biedermeier sofas

As of late I have found myself drawn to the timeless and classic beauty of old-age furniture design. I suppose in a way I need my traditional fix... a desire to get back to the basics

Biedermeier refers to a period of interior design in Europe between the years 1815 (Vienna Congress) and 1848. Antique furniture from this era is timeless and elegant, and its influence can be seen in much of 20th Century design, from high Art Deco to current Post-Modernism... a significant forerunner in the modern designs of today.
Here are some stunning creations inspired by this era from Austrian furniture manufacturer Viennese Biedermeier. The beauty in the designs are from employing the same techniques and skills on the same natural materials that Austrian master craftsmen have been using since the 1800s. Timelessly stylish, elegant and chic... some pedigree of designs never date.

From the furniture line of highly acclaimed painter and architect Ernst Fuchs... Tribute to Otto Wagner, a remarkable 9 piece chair and table ensemble which forms a composed piece of art

Another Ernst Fuchs creation...
The Tribute to Adolf Böhm, graceful lines in stunning rouge

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